Products & Appetite


  • New chemical entities, indications and medicines still under patent protection
    Generic medicines
  • Biological medicines including human and animal tissues or of microbiological origin
  • Advanced therapy medicinal products such as those using biotechnology
  • Cosmetics and supplements deemed by regulation to be medicinal products
  • Herbal and Homeopathic Medicinal products

Medical Devices

  • Class 1 Devices – e.g. walking aids, glasses, dental tools, bandages and stethoscopes
  • Class 2a Devices – e.g. infusion sets, breathing circuits, hearing aids, diagnostic devices and syringes
  • Class 2b Devices – e.g. medical lasers, x-ray devices, condoms and some implants
  • Class 3 Devices – e.g. animal-derived devices, heart valves, stents and intra-uterine contraceptive devices

Dietary Supplements and Cosmetics

  • Foods or cosmetics controlled via trade description laws and labelling
  • Sources of nutrients such as vitamins & minerals
  • Dose forms such as capsules and creams taken and/or applied in measured quantities

The Service Sector

  • Contract research & management organisations
  • Pre & post clinical trial service provision
  • Data & I.T
  • Medical writing
  • Other miscellaneous life science services