Nucleus Underwriting Limited Data Privacy Notice

Nucleus Underwriting Limited values its customers and is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We try to ensure that we avoid collecting or processing data other the types and volume of personal data required to achieve the purposes set out in this privacy notice. This notice explains how we process and protect any personal data we receive from the insured, insurance brokers, claimants, third party agents (TPAs) and complainants.

Personal data has either been, or will be collected by, or transferred to Nucleus Underwriting Limited. We can be contacted as undernoted and will promptly respond to all correspondence

  • Write to:

  • James McHugh,
    Nucleus Underwriting Limited,
    21 Archer Drive,
    HP20 1EP

Nucleus Underwriting transacts its insurance business via insurance brokers and does not engage directly with insureds. Premium payments to Nucleus are made by the Insurance Broker. As an underwriting agent on behalf of London Market Insurers, Nucleus does not administer and settle claims, but it does gather information on behalf of the Insurer. We do not receive money directly from individuals. However, the underwriting and claims handling processes require that Nucleus gather certain information to properly carry out its role as an underwriting agent on behalf of London Market Insurers. This information includes but is not limited to:

Types of personal data we hold

  • Type of Personal Data

  • Example

  • Individual details

  • Name, address, job title and other contact details such as email address

  • Financial information

  • Bank account or payment card details, income or other financial information

  • Risk details

  • Information about the Insured which we need to collect to assess the risk to be insured and provide a quote. This may include data relating to criminal convictions

  • Policy information

  • Information about the quotes you receive and policies you take out

  • Credit and anti-fraud data

  • Credit history, credit score, sanctions and criminal offences, and information received from various anti-fraud databases relating to you

  • Previous and current claims

  • Information about previous and current claims, (including other unrelated insurances), which may include data relating to criminal convictions, or other special categories of personal data

Why we use your personal data

Nucleus Underwriting collects personal data to help us with advising on, arranging, underwriting or administering an insurance contract or administering a claim under an insurance contract. Specifically:

  1. Advising on, arranging and underwriting your policy, including:
    • Performing credit or money laundering checks
    • Understanding your insurance requirements to offer you a product that matches your needs and circumstances
    • Gaining a reasonable understanding of the nature of the risk to be covered by the policy
    • Providing competitive and appropriate pricing
    • Contacting you (via your insurance broker) to renew your policy for another year
  2. Administering your policy, including:
    • Managing any changes to your policy
    • Providing and improving client services as appropriate
    • Maintaining contact with you (via your insurance broker), for issues relating to your policy and general customer contact
  3. Administering your claims, including:
    • Registering your claims on behalf of insurers and delivering information to brokers and insurers as the claims progresses. Nucleus Underwriting will not engage directly with the insured with regard to the management of the claim, but it will liaise with Insurers who will:
      • assess your claim, including any liaison with third parties potentially involved in your claims, e.g. communications in respect of property repairs
      • Running due diligence checks e.g. money laundering
      • The investigation of fraudulent claims
      • The defence of or prosecution of valid and legal claims
  4. Further reasons, including:
    • Any sale or transfer of our policies to another company due to restructuring
    • To allow us to perform the essential practice and process of underwriting
    • Analysing our clients and the products they select
    • To ensure we comply with any legal or regulatory obligations
    • The testing of our systems and processes where imitation data is unavailable. Testing which uses personal data will only by carried out in limited circumstances and only when appropriate safeguards and controls have been put in place

Our legal bases for processing your personal data

We process personal data where necessary to:

  • Engage with you when you or someone acting on your behalf asks us for a quote and are considering entering into a contract;
  • Satisfy our obligations under a contract with a client or customer;
  • Comply with a legal obligation;
  • Process data as may be required in the public interest, such as detecting and preventing fraud;
  • Pursue our legitimate interests in providing clients and customers with insurance services.

We process special category data when you provide consent or when we need to:

  • Advise, arrange, underwrite or administer an insurance policy or administer a claim (and engage with insurers) under an insurance policy;
  • Engage with Insurers who protect, investigate, and defend legal claims;
  • Process data for reasons of substantial public interest.

Our legal bases for processing your personal data

  • To allow us to meet our obligations and effectively provide our services to you, it may be necessary to pass your personal data onto external parties. These external parties may include:
  • Insurers on whose behalf Nucleus Underwriting Limited provides underwriting services
  • Credit reference agencies or anti-fraud databases
  • Banks
  • Claims handlers, lawyers and Solicitors
  • Loss adjustors
  • External parties involved in the claim
  • Private investigators
  • The police and law enforcement
  • External parties involved in the investigation, defence or prosecution of claims
  • Other insurers (under court order or to prevent and detect fraud)
  • The Prudential Regulatory Authority, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office and other regulators as required by law
  • Our suppliers and sub-contractors for the performance of any contract we have with them
  • Your data will be shared securely, and only when necessary. It will never be sold on to external parties or organisations for marketing purposes.

International Data Transfers

Nucleus Underwriting Limited is a UK company providing underwriting services on behalf of London Market Insurers – some of whom are global in scope and who may transfer data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) for operational reasons (such as data processing). In processing data, Nucleus may engage with other businesses (such as insurance systems specialists) that are operating outside of the EEA. We will always take steps to ensure your data is treated and transferred securely with appropriate safeguards and controls in place.

Ongoing storage and use of your personal data

We will not keep personal data for longer than necessary for the purpose for which it is processed. Laws or regulations may require us to keep records for specific periods of time. We may also need to keep records to administer the insurance relationship, to fulfil our contractual or statutory obligations or to resolve queries or disputes which may arise.

Your data subject rights

Under Data Protection regulation you have the right to:

  • Obtain a copy of your personal data held by Nucleus Underwriting Limited
  • Have any incorrect personal data updated
  • Request the erasure of any of your personal data
  • Restrict the use of your personal data
  • Object to the use of your personal data
  • Request the personal data you provided to Nucleus Underwriting Limited to be moved to another organisation

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please write to the below address stating your request and contact details. For Nucleus Underwriting to respond to your requests effectively and efficiently, please provide any further information you feel is necessary.

  • Write to:

  • James McHugh,
    Nucleus Underwriting Limited,
    21 Archer Drive,
    HP20 1EP

If you contact us regarding the exercise of these rights, we will seek to implement your wishes. In some cases (particularly where the request relates to the restriction of use of personal data or the objecting to the use of personal data) there may be reasons why we are not able to fully comply with your request, particularly where we are required to keep and use that data to comply with legal or regulatory requirements.

Where we might collect your personal data from

  • You or your insurance broker
  • Insurers
  • Other insurance market participants such as, authorised agents, service providers, reinsurers, other insurers, legal advisers, loss adjusters and claims handlers;
  • Credit reference agencies;
  • Anti-fraud databases, sanctions lists, court judgements and other databases;
  • Government agencies such as DVLA and HMRC; or
  • In the event of a claim (and only via Insurers or on their behalf), third parties including any other party to the claim (such as a claimant/defendant), witnesses, experts (including medical experts), loss adjustors, lawyers and solicitors, and third-party claims handlers.

Which of the above sources apply will depend on your circumstances.