Accident & Health

  1. Focused on digital sales & fulfilment; whilst
  2. Trading exclusively via brokers.

Nucleus Underwriting’s sophisticated digital trading platform delivers, in real time, Accident & Health products to your desk and/or direct to your customers.

If you are a broker providing in Accident & Health Insurance broking services, register now and you will be able to access our core products and quickly develop unique offerings for your customer base.

(coming soon)

Our unique DNA:

  • Digital underwriting platform providing immediate quote and bind capability to both computer & mobile.
  • Automated policy issuance upon confirmation/purchase and premium collection option.
  • Experienced London Market Underwriters from both Company and Lloyds markets
  • Global underwriting experience particularly: Affinity groups in United Kingdom, Scandinavia & Europe

Current Products

  • Individual (Income protection) Accident& Sickness
  • Group PA & Sickness
  • Travel (Education/Study Abroad)

New products in constant development; to be released over coming months.

Target customers

  • Affinity groups of all kinds
  • Individual & Families
  • Tradesmen
  • SME
  • Schools & universities
  • Small corporate
    Amateur and semi-professional sports associations, groups, & clubs

Excluded groups: Profession sports, motor sport of any kind and security services.

Advantages of partnering with Nucleus Underwriting

Improved customer satisfaction and whilst reducing your operating costs

Whilst focused on ease of sales, time spent processing and minimising of costs we do not forget the importance of suitability of product and pricing for our customers

Backed by international London market insurers.


Mark Gibson, Head of Accident & Health and Specialty